JOURNEY TO SELF, Vietnam, 2018

Relax, Release, Re-connect with sound bowl meditations, yin yoga & writing

Hi! I am Kerstin Pilz, PhD.

Writer, teacher, world traveler, yogini, meditator and photography enthusiast.

I am here to inspire YOU to bond with your inner writer so that it can lead you on a journey of creative self-exploration.

We are the authors of our lives. We are in charge of the stories we tell ourselves. Let’s craft our own bold journeys. It starts by stepping out of our head and into our passion.

Creative self expression is our roadmap to the heart. When we unlock the creative potential inside us, we tune into the voice of our true self that speaks from the below the surface level of our busy minds. That’s where we’ll meet who we really are.

I am so glad that you’ve found me!

I offer you what I know about the healing power of writing. When I got lost in the dark woods of grief, creative writing made me find my way out of that forest.

Let me share with you what I’ve learned about the craft of writing and storytelling, about words, meaning and language, in 20 years as University lecturer.

Creativity takes us out of our heads and into our hearts.

Will you join me on the journey of creative self-discovery? Step into your passion.

Here is how we can journey together:


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JOURNEY TO SELF  IN VIETNAM, Hoi An, September, 2018

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