Hi, I am Kerstin Pilz & this is my story:

I help people experience the transformative joy of creative self-expression and the healing power of writing.

I am a writer, a former academic with a Phd in literature and 20 years university teaching experience. I am also a keen photographer, a 200 RYT yoga teacher and a life-long traveler.

I am passionate about sharing the tools that helped me become whole again and transform into a better version of myself after hitting my personal rockbottom.

When a natural disaster destroyed my idyllic beach-side haven in Australia’s tropical Far North, three short weeks after the death of my brand-new husband from cancer, I realized that the most important lessons are not learned in a university classroom.

It was time to turn a page and write a new chapter. I left my tenured university position in search for a new life with a deeper sense of purpose and connectedness.

It was a long and lonely journey that eventually led me to a new partner and a new home in Hoi An, a small coastal town in central Vietnam, where I created this website and now teach writing, meditation and yoga, online and on retreat.