I am Kerstin Pilz, PhD

I believe in the healing power of writing.

I’m here to make you become best buddies with your inner writer, teach it to speak in your authentic voice and send you on a  journey of discovery together.

In case you’re wondering, born and raised in Germany, I call the Wet Tropics of Australia and the open road home. I’m a published author with a PhD in Italian literature. I also hold a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate and a motorboat license (just in case).

My professional life has been dedicated to teaching the magic of words, language, writing and forms of communication. First as a university lecturer, now as a digital nomad.

The fun parts of my first-act career include developing teaching resources and courses that inspire students to be curious and ask deep questions. I got to sail around the world on a floating university campus. I led students on experiential study tours to 12 different countries and I learned to scuba dive whilst developing the curriculum for the first ever Bachelor of Visual Arts at Maldives National University.

Yes, I did have fun in my first act career. What’s more, it came with a life time warranty. I was a tenured Doctor of Philosophy. Who would ever give that up?

But, after 20 years of writing in an academic voice, at midlife, I grew hungry to explore my other writing voices. I longed to give voice to my un-lived lives.

A year-long sabbatical and an around the world ticket, were to re-connect me with my inner travel addict. I was to climb Macchu Pichu, speak Spanish in Buenos Aires, ride a motorbike around Australia and reinvent myself as a freelance writer.

It was the turning point of my narrative.

Except, I never got to visit Buenos Aires …

… I never got to climb Machu Picchu. On the eve of departure, a pea-sized lump in my travel companion’s neck turned the trip of a life time into a very different  journey. One that he, my husband, did not survive.

Three weeks after the funeral, I was evacuated from my home ahead of the largest cyclone in Australia’s living memory. It ripped through my beautiful beach town at record wind speeds, shredding everything in its path, leaving an entire community broken.

I shattered into a thousand pieces. Instead of travel and creative writing, I wrote my way through pain and grief.

Loss and grief have been my most honoured teachers. A meditation cushion and my journal were my most effective therapists.

I studied with HH the Dalai Lama in Bodhgaya. I practiced yoga in austere ashrams all over Asia. I cling-wrapped myself in Buddhist philosophy.

I filled dozens of journals with my pain. A creative writing course flipped the switch and released me from my grief.

It was a long and lonely journey that transformed me.

After years in academia, I discovered that there exists a different form of knowledge. There is a wisdom that is deep inside our hearts.

Writing only for ourselves, expressing our raw emotions and fears, is a way of meeting our authentic selves and understanding our real passions.

Finding my creativity cracked me open and allowed me to see the world with new eyes.

Here’s what I know:

  • Life can end before you’ve figured out what to do with it. Don’t waste it doing what you don’t love!
  • The sinkholes of life are the turning points in your narrative. Only when we cross the threshold can we grow.
  • When we crash hard, we CAN rise strong!
  • Cultivate a writing practice, make creativity and intuition your close allies. It’s what will guide and heal you.


Ready for the journey?

About Kerstin Pilz - Write Your Journey - Always on the lookout for new writing spots. Kerstin Pilz cycling through an alleyway in Hoi An, Vietnam.

In act two

I get to do what I’ve always been most passionate about.

I lead curious souls LIKE YOU out of their comfort zones and into the unknown. I get to deep dive into my creativity and make a collage of what I know about writing, words and storytelling.

But this time I get to do it totally on my own terms. I get to set up my office wherever I choose and I get to choose where I live. Right now it’s Vietnam (how I love this place!)

I also get to write what I love. I worked as a travelwriter in the Maldives, I dabbled in corporate copywriting, I’ve completed the first draft of a novel and I’ve finally found what fires up all of me. Writing inspirational learning materials for you is my passion!

How lucky am I? I get to live the life I’ve always imagined.

And so can you!

Want to join me on the journey?


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