Are you feeling stuck, uninspired & disconnected from your voice?

Whether you are a published author working on a specific project, a beginning writer wanting to let your writing flow, or maybe you are yearning to deepen your personal writing practice, this retreat will leave you feeling nourished and in tune with yourself.


Join us in the pristine mountains of central Bali for 7 days of



  • morning yoga
  • singing bowl balancing meditations
  • daily guided writing practices
  • deep rest & relaxation
  • healthy food grown within walking distance of your plate

How outrageous would it be to go on a holiday with yourself?

What would happen if you ran away deep into the central mountains of Bali to give yourself 7 days of uninterrupted writing time? That’s a week of soul-nourishing ME time!

How extravagant would it be to unplug for a week, bathe your soul in the verdant lushness of the southern slopes of MT Batukaru, begin your days with sun salutations and contemplative stillness and nourish your body with scrumptious organic food, harvested within walking distance of your plate?

Imagine tuning into the sound of cascading waterfalls and the rhythm of nature punctuated by the gentle Balinese practices of spiritual worship. Your notebook and pen are scattered on the batik covers of the carved daybed. In front of you, organic rice paddies cascade all the way to where the horizon meets the sea.  You’ve lost track of time. You have given yourself over to the creative flow of writing and the stillness of mindfulness practices.

Sounds deliciously self-indulgent? Think of it as taking your soul to the spa. To feel truly happy and fulfilled, we need to bond with our creativity, make an appointment with our soul and nurture what sustains us.

Daily gentle yoga, guided writing practices and meditation to the ancient sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls will keep our modern souls balanced as we step into the present moment and unleash the wild side of our minds and hearts.

It’s the ultimate gift to yourself. Isn’t it time you made it part of your annual self-care routine?

Re-connect with yourself through writing, yoga and mindfulness.

What’s included?

  • 7 x nights accommodation in superior shared eco bungalows (single use of bungalow available at additional cost)
  • ALL MEALS (Breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon tea)
  • 1 guided nature walk
  • Offering making & blessing with the local munku
  • Daily yoga & meditation
  • Writing workshops & feedback sessions
  • 1 Balinese massage
  • 1 individual singing massage with Himalayan singing bowls & group sound bath
  • unlimited tea, coffee and drinking water
  • group transfer to/from airport (or Ubud if you are attending the festival)

The secluded nature of the retreat means, there won’t be many opportunities to spend any additional money once you are at Bali Eco Stay.

Bali Ecostay

What’s not included:

  • International airfare to Denpasar, Bali
  • Attendance at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival is optional and at own expense
  • Additional activities at Bali Eco Stay can be organised at own cost and on demand.
  • Alcohol, travel insurance and personal items

The TOTAL cost of the retreat is USD $ 1450 or AUD $1850

  • A non-refundable deposit of USD $ 350 will reserve your spot.
  • Discounts apply for Indonesian citizens, resident expats, APWT members and URWF pass holders

The priceless things you’ll take away from this retreat

Money can’t buy happiness …

…. but it can buy you a week of healthy habits that will leave you feeling deeply nourished, re-balanced, inspired & re-energised.

You’ll take home with you:

  • a stack of new writing
  • insight into your creative potential
  • a new sense of wonder and deep connection with yourself
  • mindfulness practices to keep you centred and focused
  • re-newed focus on where you are headed as a writer and on life’s journey
  • self-care practices and a deeper understanding of the transformative power of writing
  • knowledge of easy yoga asanas you’ll be able to do at home to prevent writer’s back pain, hunched shoulders, tightness in hips and legs

Meet Your Retreat Facilitators


Hi fellow writers and creative seekers,

I’ve taught a wide range of forms of communication, writing and reading in over two decades as a university lecturer and education manager.

As a keen traveller, I’ve led academic study tours in Europe, sailed aboard a floating university campus to 12 different ports and developed the curriculum for the first ever Bachelor in Visual Arts for Maldives National University.

I’m also a certified yoga teacher and a practitioner of mindfulness meditation. I divide my time between Vietnam and the Wet Tropics of Australia and regularly travel throughout Asia to deepen my practice.

Since leaving full-time employment for the freedom of the open road, I’ve dedicated myself to bringing together my passion of writing, traveling, yoga and meditation with my other passion, teaching and mentoring.

Writing has always been my preferred way of making sense of the world.

NIgel Rowles

Let me introduce you to NIGEL ROWLES, who will help you unleash your creative genius with unique sound bowl balancing techniques.

NIGEL ROWLES is a  professional musician with over 30 years experience teaching music, playing in bands and as a solo performer.

His first singing bowl massage was life changing. He had never felt so deeply relaxed within minutes of lying down. Four weeks later, he was on a plane to Kathmandu to begin his training with Himalayan masters and to explore how sound can be used to balance the body’s frequencies.

In Nepal he spent many hours hand selecting a set of eight tuned bowls and perfecting his personalised method of playing the bowls. As a trained musician he prefers chord structures, rather than match the bowls to the body’s chakras. By using tuned bowls to create chords, he can generate a larger number of harmonies which bring about inner balance and help relief stress.

Find out more on Nigel’s website:

Here’s a little taste for you. For best results, please use headphones.

Singing Bowl Balancing takes us to a place where …

…. creative energy flows and the inner voice speaks freely

The rich sounds we hear and feel when the bowls are placed on or around the body, are a succession of frequencies that resonate in concentrically swelling sound waves, penetrating every cell of the body. Singing bowl balancing is like a massage at the cellular level.

Like an orchestra, our bodies vibrate at many different frequencies. If an instrument is out of tune, we feel off key and unbalanced. Too many discordant frequencies can affect our wellbeing, creating stress, anxiety and disease. Singing bowls vibrate our frequencies back into balance and make mind, body and soul feel in tune.

Singing bowls balance the brainwaves of both hemispheres allowing us to journey deeper into our creative potential.

We begin every day with a 30 minute singing bowl balancing meditation. When our frequencies are aligned, we have access to insight and focus.

This retreat is for you if you

  • need to get some writing done and crave to dive deeper into your creativity
  • yearn to step away from all that keeps you busy, distracted and disconnected from yourself & your writing
  • desire a nourishing environment that will allow you to release long-held stories
  • are willing to surrender to the flow, because we’ll let all of it flow, our creativity, our writing, our breath, our wild minds, our voice, our stories …; gentle yoga, sound bowl balancing and mindfulness practices help us work through the blockages to find spaciousness in mind, body & soul

Here’s what we are NOT going to do:

  • therapy; We’ll use writing as a form of self-care, to get to the deep stories, but we are not therapists, we just facilitate the journey to access your true voice
  • network to get published or pitch industry experts
  • lecture you on plot or structure; Of course I’ll share with you everything I know about the nuts and bolts of storytelling, crafting good sentences and characters, but I’ve retired from my position as University teacher. I am here to guide you towards the stories you need to write and to discover your voice
  • athletic yoga; we’re not about Ashtanga or Power Yoga, but will make you feel fabulous with Gentle Hatha Flow and Restorative Yin Yoga
  • critique your writing; of course we will share our writing in daily reading circles and I’ll be available for one-on-one feedback, but this retreat is about letting your writing flow without judgement or anxiety
  • preach Eastern philosophy; we are about using mindfulness and sound bowl balancing sans all the esoteric fluff

So, what do you think would happen if you took your creative self to the central mountains of Bali for a week?

DISCLAIMER: A retreat can be deeply transformative. For some it’s life changing.

Want know more?

Let’s chat  via Skype, email or messenger.

  We’d love to answer your questions, tell you about our special discounts and discuss if this is a good fit for you.

Shall we get to know each other a little more?

Let’s do it!

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