Creative Writing Retreat Australia

Mission Beach, Far North Queensland

How about a writing holiday under palm trees?

Join me in the World Heritage-listed Wet Tropics of Australia, Far North Queensland on an exclusive small group writing retreat.

 Writers of all levels are welcome.

Retreats are on hold in 2023

We are changing things up in the new year and sadly we can no longer offer retreats in Mission Beach.

But we hope to offer a new retreat in the near future.

Find out when we resume retreats in Far North Queensland,

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What would happen if you gave yourself the gift of a creative writing retreat?

What would happen if you took a pause from everything that keeps you busy to nourish yourself with creative, expressive writing exercises, mindfulness, daily yoga, healthy home-cooked food and long beach walks?

Imagine falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and starting your day with a sunrise walk along an empty, palm-fringed beach that extends as far as the eye can see.

Imagine sipping your preferred morning beverage sitting under palm trees, scribbling first thoughts into your journal.

Imagine your senses are alive to the sounds and smells of the rainforest and the ocean. You are deeply relaxed and connected. Your pen glides effortlessly over the page. Your mind is awake and alive. Imagine the joy of deep creative connection.

Sharpen your powers of observation  Experience the unique environment of the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics in Far North Queensland and fill your voice with a sense of wonder. Connect deeply, emerge restored and creatively re-charged.

Give yourself the gift of a creative writing retreat

This Australia writing retreat is suitable for anybody who believes in the soul-nourishing power of writing.

Whether you have an established writing practice or have always wanted to write but never had the time, this retreat is for you.

There will be plenty of free writing time, guided writing exercises, workshops and feedback, including one-on-one feedback. The retreat is designed to nourish mind, body and soul. Feedback will be constructive and gentle and you have the option to share as much or as little of your writing as you wish.

We begin our days with gentle yoga, beach walks and a short meditation and end with opportunities for after-dinner chats and readings.

We combine the quiet, contemplative practice of Yin Yoga with gentle Hatha yoga to connect deeply. Yin Yoga is as much a physical practice of releasing tension, softening and lubricating tight muscles and joints, as it is a contemplative practice in stillness and mindful awareness.

We use mindfulness practices of the Vietnamese Buddhist Zen monk Thích Nhất Hạnh to learn how to feel at home in the present moment using the breath as an anchor. Whether you are an experienced meditation practitioner or new to meditation, the practices used in this retreat are simple yet very powerful to calm the mental chatter and to feel grounded.

All activities are optional and there will be no judgement if you prefer not to join the yoga sessions and meditations, or if you skip a few. This is your retreat and whatever we do is there to serve your wellbeing and your creative process.

Your home away from home in magical Mission Beach

where World Heritage-listed Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef


You will be staying in my private absolute beachfront home which I have operated as a popular holiday rental for many years. It is located right on the beach and a 2-minute walk from the Village Green, where you will find local restaurants, a juice bar, a live music venue and a few funky shops, including an art gallery.

The house features a spacious living room and kitchen, four tastefully decorated bedrooms, a library, a large wrap-around veranda with floor to ceiling bistro blinds so that it can be enjoyed in any weather. There are plenty of individual break-out spaces, including a lush pool area and a day bed where you can let your writing flow and retreat into your own inner creative cave.


We are located 2 hours south of Cairns in an unspoiled beachfront town where two World Heritage sites meet, the oldest rainforest in the world and the Great Barrier Reef.

There’s a walking track right outside the house that will take you through remnant littoral rainforest along the foreshore. The ocean is right outside and the stinger net is 100 metres away.

The area boasts plenty of walking tracks and natural swimming holes and we offer guided excursions to stimulate your senses and to nourish ourselves in nature’s embrace.


To take the stress out of your holiday, this retreat is all-inclusive (alcoholic beverages can be bought at cost price).

We provide nourishing home-cooked meals made from locally sourced ingredients. We offer a wide range of vegetarian options.


Mission Beach is a small laid-back beach-side community and one of very few places in the world where two World Heritage sites come together: ancient rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

It is home to the highest number of the endangered Southern Cassowary living in the wild in Australia. This majestic flightless bird is only found in two places in the world, in Australia’s Wet Tropics and in Papua New Guinea.

Conveniently located between the airports of Townsville to the south and Cairns to the north, Mission Beach consists of four separate neighborhoods spread along a 14km stretch of unspoiled palm-fringed beach. It’s what Port Douglas looked like before development.

Iconic Dunk Island, just opposite, was home to a thriving artists colony in the 1970s established by Bruce Arthur, an Olympic wrestler turned tapestry maker. In 1969 it was the setting of the film Age of Consent by British director Michael Powell, starring a teenage Helen Mirren opposite James Mason who plays a successful artist who moves from New York to a tropical island seeking inspiration.

But its reputation as a place where artists come to retreat from the world to loose themselves in creative pursuit goes back to the 1908 bestseller Confessions Of A Beachcomber by E.J. Banfield, a Townsville journalist seeking refuge on a deserted tropical island after suffering burnout.

cassowary at creative writers retreat Australia


  • 4 x nights accommodation in a beachfront property with private pool
  • All breakfasts & lunches, welcome dinner, farewell dinner, tea, coffee, juice and fresh coconuts
  • Guided excursions in the World Heritage-listed rainforest
  • Daily morning yoga & meditation
  • 5x writing workshops + daily writing and feedback sessions
  • 1-hour private mentoring session (includes feedback on your draft up to 1000 words)
  • Return transfer to/from Cairns airport in shared private car
  • Pre-retreat Zoom meeting


Early BIRD PRICE* available now!

Private Room with en-suite (only available at some retreats) $2595 $2295

Private Room (shared bathroom)  $2295 $1895

Twin-share Room with en-suite (only available at some retreats)  $2095 $1695

Twin-share Room (shared bathroom) $1695 $1495

Bring a friend and share a room. 

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD rate: $2750 for two in twinshare (shared bathroom)

A non-refundable deposit of $ 450 will reserve your spot.

*All prices in Australian dollars

*Early Bird expires two months prior to retreat start


  1. One-on-one mentoring session with Dr Kerstin Pilz
    • 1x 60 minutes via Zoom or in-person: $175
    • or buy a package of THREE individual mentoring sessions for $455

Includes reading up to 1500 words of your work per session

The priceless things you will take away with you from this writing retreat:

  • a stack of new writing
  • insight into your creative potential
  • a new sense of wonder and deep connection with yourself
  • mindfulness practices to keep you centred and focused
  • re-newed focus on where you are headed as a writer and on life’s journey
  • self-care practices and a deeper understanding of the transformative power of writing
  • knowledge of easy yoga asanas you’ll be able to do at home to prevent writer’s back pain, hunched shoulders, tightness in hips and legs

Hi, I am Kerstin, your retreat leader.

I am a former academic with nearly 20 years university teaching experience, a RYT 200 qualified yoga teacher and a published author.

My publications include an academic monograph, book chapters for Oxford University Press, peer-reviewed academic articles as well as travel features including for The New York Times, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, and for travel industry magazines in the Maldives. I am currently completing my memoir Never waste a good crisis.

A series of difficult life challenges made me discover the healing power of writing. I believe we are the authors of our own life. It is never too late to write a new chapter.

I created WriteYourJourney in 2017, whilst living in Vietnam, to share the tools that helped me heal, grow and transform.

Since then I have helped over 2000 women experience the joy of creative self expression and the healing power of writing in retreats and online courses.

To learn more, watch my TEDx talk about The Healing Power of Writing.


Kerstin Pilz

Here’s what we’re not going to do:

  • therapy; We’ll use writing as a form of self-care, to get to the deep stories, but we are not therapists, we just facilitate the journey to access your true voice
  • network to get published or pitch industry experts
  • lecture you on plot or structure; Of course I’ll share with you everything I know about the nuts and bolts of storytelling, crafting good sentences and characters, but I’ve retired from my position as University teacher. I am here to guide you towards the stories you need to write and to discover your voice
  • athletic yoga; we’re not about Ashtanga or Power Yoga, but will make you feel fabulous with Gentle Hatha Flow and Restorative Yin Yoga
  • critique your writing; of course we will share our writing in daily reading circles and I’ll be available for one-on-one feedback, but this retreat is about letting your writing flow without judgement or anxiety
  • preach Eastern philosophy; we are about using mindfulness and sound bowl balancing sans all the esoteric fluff

Praise for our Writing Retreats

Writing and Yoga Retreat Vietnam - One of the writers sharing her story with the rest of the group.
“This was an outstanding, deepening and inspiring experience. Kerstin clearly poured her heart and soul into providing the most spacious, accepting and safe environment for writing together. There was a great balance of prompts, discussion and teaching, writing, reading and sharing.

As the week progressed, we all went deeper and deeper into our creative expression. I particularly liked that there were a variety of approaches to opening up our writing: visual, verbal, drawing.

The yoga, meditation, sound baths and excursions were all wonderful. Kerstin attended to every aspect of being in a foreign country. The individual consultations were extremely helpful, motivating and inspiring and as a result, I am leaving with a project that I knew I needed to do but was avoiding.”

Heidi, craniosacral therapist, Woodstock, NY

Writing and Yoga Retreat Vietnam - Sharing one of many joyful moments in our Hoi An Writing and Yoga Retreat

“If you are thinking of a writing retreat, I wholeheartedly recommend Kerstin’s retreats, for seeing with fresh eyes. You will love the self-care, stimulation, reflection and perspective it provides. The writing experience on the retreat prompted us to hone in on our unique voice. Writing sessions focused on a theme such as beginner’s mind, writing for the senses, storytelling, memoir and crafting a personal creative manifesto.

Kerstin was adept at crafting a gentle writing curriculum experience that opened us up to our voice and skill. It was so valuable for me to work with themes, prompts and exercises to dust off and access my voice.

An individual hour-long sound bowl meditation with Nigel was included and involved the placing of sound bowls around us and on our body. It was the deepest of relaxation experiences. That night I slept like I hadn’t slept for a long time.

Kerstin arranged a well-balanced itinerary and journey through the week. The yoga and writing complemented each other perfectly as we attended to both practices.”

Terri, life coach, Sydney. Read her full write-up on her blog Quiet Writing.

Writing and Yoga Retreat Vietnam - Flora getting ready for a trip to the pittoresque Old Town of Hoi An, Vietnam
“I truly enjoyed the entire writing workshops! There was so much content to cover however it was just enough to allow creativity to flow, so much scope for the imagination. I really liked the format and basically how the workshops were not structured but very free flowing. It was awesome! Till this day I am so grateful that I randomly did a Google search and found this retreat in true millennial style!

The individual sound bowl session that I had with Nigel was my first time doing sound bowl meditation. I will definitely be trying it again, it was so relaxing and calming, literally the best thing ever!

The overall organization was fantastic. I enjoyed everything about An Villa! The staff were fantastic it was so good of them to provide us with all that we needed and go out of their way to ensure that we were comfortable.”

Flora, poet, activist & youth worker, Melbourne

Book Now

Tropical Writers Retreat Australia

Mission Beach 2022

Price per person from: $1425*
A $ 450 deposit will reserve your spot.

We always try to fill your spot or move your deposit to another retreat in case you need to cancel. 😎
*Early Bird Price available until eight weeks prior to retreat start

Have more questions? Please get in touch:

10 + 10 =

What kind of writing will we do?
The daily writing workshops are designed to help you unleash your creativity, connect you with your voice and to lead you towards the stories you need to write.

We will do timed free writing exercises to carefully selected writing prompts. The power of freewriting is that it allows you to bypass the harsh inner critic. You write straight from your core, without stopping to think or edit or worrying about grammar and spelling.

At the end of each session there will be a sharing circle. Sharing your writing is totally optional, as the aim of writing practice is to allow you to write freely, connecting with your unedited inner voice.

The writing sessions are aimed at any level of writer, whether you are working on a project, or simply writing for yourself as a way to make sense of your personal self-narrative and to experience the healing benefits of writing.

What makes writing so effective as a wellbeing practice is the fact that we use narrative to create meaning for ourselves. Our identities are made up of the stories we tell about who we are, what has been and where we are headed.

Writing is a way of letting go of everything that no longer serves us. We release untold stories. We name painful emotions. And then we turn the page of our journal and write on.

When we write our thoughts and feelings down, honestly and raw, we gain insight into our motivations and actions. We learn to say “Ah, I can see now why …”. That’s when we will be able to write new, healthier, self narratives.

The health benefits of writing about both negative and positive emotions and life events have been confirmed by a number of scientific studies. Professor James Pennebaker at the University of Texas at Austin conducted the first qualitative research study on writing as a tool for healing in the early 1980s.

What if I don't write in English?
You are encouraged to write in your native language as this will allow you to connect more deeply with your inner voice.

The writing you will be doing in this retreat is for your eyes only. Sharing is optional and only invited for selected prompts.

How much meditation will we do?
We will start the day with morning journaling, a 45 minute yoga class, alternating between yin & yang yoga (gentle Hatha yoga) and a short mediation.

All activities are optional and there will be no judgement if you’d rather not join us for yoga or meditation.

No meditation experience is necessary for this retreat and you will not be expected to sit in meditation posture for more than 15 minutes at a time.

What kind of yoga will we do?
We will start our days with a gentle Vinyasa flow sequence to wake up the body and get you connected to your breath, alternating with Yin Yoga.

In case you are new to Yin yoga here’s some info:

Yin Yoga uses long-held floor poses that allow us to go deeper in the body to access the fascia and the tissue around the muscles, the joints and the energy pathways that run through the body,

Yin Yoga is a great complement to more energetic styles of yoga and other forms of physical exercise, like running or cycling, that work the muscles.

By working on the meridians of the body, activating ch’i flow, Yin Yoga helps to nourish our internal organs and the denser tissues of the body with vital fluids.

The practice can also give you greater range of motion, improved joint mobility and flexibility.

The most important benefit of Yin Yoga, no doubt, is that it helps to release deeply held tension not just on a physical level but also on an emotional and mental level.

The practice activates our parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to rest and digest, making this a deeply healing and nourishing practice.

Sample schedule
6:30–7:00 Optional Morning Journaling & beach walk

7:00–8:00 Gentle morning yoga & meditation

8:30–9:00 Breakfast

10:00–12:00 Writing workshop

12:00–13:00 Lunch

13:00–15:00 Rest & time for your 1-1 mentoring session

15:00–17:00 Afternoon Writing Workshop or excursion

18: 30 – 20:00 Dinner

20:00 – 21:00 veranda chat

Terms & Conditions
• A non-refundable deposit of $450 is required to book your spot.

• Full payment for all bookings required two weeks prior to retreat start. Any bookings made thereafter, must be paid in full.

• Given the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is recommended that you purchase private travel insurance in case you won’t be able to attend due to lock down measures.

How do I reach Mission Beach?
There will be one complimentary pick-up & drop-off in Cairns (airport, hotel or private address) in a private shared car at a time that is most convenient to all participants. Mission beach is just under 2 hours from Cairns by car.

You may also choose to rent a car, especially if arriving with a friend, as this will give you more flexibility.

Mission Link offers daily airport transfers to Cairns.

If arriving in Townsville, it is recommended to arrive by hire car (it’s about 3 hours).

For more information, please contact

Christine W
Christine W
Being a part of writeyourjourney is a rewarding experience I've enjoyed and benefited from the writing prompts which Kerstin provides and found our group sharing inspiring. For anyone hesitant about getting into writing this forum provides great support. We are often critical of our writing but with the camaraderie of other writers many wonderful stories are created and shared,
Fantastic writing workshops with Kerstin - highly recommended! Kerstin uses her heart and long standing expertise to guide others through their writing journey. She typically starts a writing workshop by a meditation, which always put me in the best mindset to write but also to relax, unwind and unfold details of my stories. I really enjoyed the feeling of learning a lot while relaxing and finding peace. I gained a lot from every sessions I did with her and I took the wisdom to my daily life. I can't recommend her enough.
Wonderful experience I went to the September 2019 retreat in Hoi An. Kerstin and Nigel take such good care of everyone, the hotel An Villa where we stayed also looked after our group so well. Nothing was too much bother for staff and they got to know everyone in the group well. We were treated to amazing local food and trips into the village and surrounds. Make sure you go to the cooking class, it was really fun and we were able to see how they grow their vegetables for the district as well as make some amazing flavorsome food and have a lot of fun at the same time. On top of all the cultural experiences we also did a lot of writing! Kerstin's incredible background as a writer and her ability to tune to individuals and the group created such a nurturing experience for us all. We were given prompts to encourage some creative flow and able to share our writing with others which really did enhance the experience and bonded to the group together. It's amazing to hear what other people write as well as getting the courage to read out your own. The great thing is that it's always optional too. Nothing is forced. The yoga by Victoria each morning was just such a wonderful way to wake up to the day, followed by meditation and lovely sound bowls. It is hot in September, but it didn't rain much. It's all such a wonderful experience, I couldn't say which part was my favorite. The whole retreat blends in so well together. If you think this is for you, don't hesitate. You will get something out of it.
A magical week It may sound hyperbolic to describe the Write Your Journey retreat as magical, but that is the word that comes to mind each time I'm asked about it. From the daily writing sessions, early morning yoga, and sound bowl meditations, to the excursions into Hoi An and the cooking class, everything was perfect. Although I wasn't sure what to expect, I can say with conviction that everything exceeded my expectations. I am new to creative writing, but that didn't matter. The nine women on the retreat were all at very different stages of their journey, and the camaraderie was lovely. The venue - An Villa - is an idyllic place run by beautiful people. Heaven. A special mention, of course, goes to Kerstin, the retreat conductor, as well as to Nigel on sound bowls and Victoria on the yoga mat. See you there next year!
Heidi Washburn
Heidi Washburn
The experience of a lifetime! I was blessed to attend a weeklong Write Your Journey retreat in Vietnam in September of 2018. (The option didn't allow me to select September so I selected the closest mont). The week with Kerstin was an outstanding, deepening and inspiring experience. Kerstin clearly poured her heart and soul into providing the most spacious, accepting and safe environment for writing together. There was a great balance of prompts, discussion and teaching, writing, reading and sharing. As the week progressed, we all went deeper and deeper into our creative expression. I particularly liked that there were a variety of approaches to opening up our writing: visual, verbal, drawing. The yoga, meditation, sound baths and excursions were all wonderful. Kerstin attended to every aspect of being in a foreign country. The individual writing consultations were extremely helpful, motivating and inspiring and as a result, I am leaving with a project that I knew I needed to do but was avoiding. If any part of you is pulled toward this experience: GO!! Heidi, craniosacral therapist, Woodstock, NY
Kerstin gets you writing! I have been visiting the Hoi An Writers Group on and off for the last 1.5 years and I always enjoy it. Not only is it a very well-prepared and well-lead class with a great combination of meditation and writing (which works for me personally very well!), but there are also always great laughs. It's a really nice and welcoming group of people. I've also joined a few of Kerstin's Yin yoga, sound bowl and writing workshops that were equally wonderful. Highly recommended to check out her website for any events when you're in town.
Unearth the stories you didn't know you had! I love attending Kirsten's Friday workshops whenever I get the chance. She is a very kind and nurturing person and this seems to overflow into the rest of the group, so you feel very comfortable writing about and sharing things that are sometimes quite personal. Sometimes it's a surprise what you find yourself writing about and sometimes it can also be a surprise to find out how creative you can be. And in the middle of a busy life, it is a joy and a pleasure to spend some time nurturing yourself in this way, in this very nice group and under the care of this very special and creative woman.
Write Your Journey at Hoi An! I participated in one of Write Your Journey's sessions in Vietnam (Hoi An) along with my husband, who is actually an engineer...not a writer. But both of us enjoyed the session and it brought out a lot of stories and ideas from both of us. I think the whole point about participating in any writing session is to be able to come out of it with your head full of motivation and memories and ideas that could shape themselves into an essay or book in the days to come. Write Your Journey is a good way to kickstart the writer in you. I recommend this with all my heart.
A safe space and fun place to unleash your creativity! I've been coming to Kerstin's Write Your Journey workshop every Friday for the past few months. It is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my week. Having struggled to write anything for quite some time and now feeling the flow of creativity, the desire to tell a story, pretty much every day, is just proof of how effective those couple of hours are. From the gentle meditation to help us relax, to the clever writing prompts to help us focus, to the well-planned exercises and discussion points of the workshop, Kerstin never fails to deliver a Friday morning that's insightful, creative and fun! Not to mention the support and feedback from our wonderful group members – who I'm very grateful to call both teachers and friends. Their advice is invaluable, and inspiring. Whether you're just visiting Hoi An for a few days, a few weeks or you've come for a longer day, Kerstin (and the rest of us!) will make you feel welcome at the group. You won't regret this great gift to yourself! :)
Janie L
Janie L
Amazing Time At Write Your Journey Kerstin was such a lovely facilitator. I would absolutely recommend this experience. It's also a great way to meet other travellers.