Online Writers Group

Connect with yourself and other writers in our regular online writers group on Zoom


Here are the writers group dates for the first quarter of 2021.

Join me for 90 minutes of creative live writing and:

*enjoy dedicated time to yourself and your writing

*tap into your voice and creative potential

*experience the joy of creative self-expression

*discover the healing power of writing

*connect with a supportive and inspiring group of fellow writers

*find focus and flow with a short guided mindfulness meditation

Sessions are $22.50. (Prices in AUD)

Online writers group Zoom meetings

Zoom Session Times

I offer two sessions each month for different time zones:

6 PM Brisbane Time

Best for Europe and the UK, South Africa, Asia

9 AM Brisbane Time

Best for New Zealand and the Americas (NB converts to the day before)

Use this time converter to check the exact time in your location.

Live Writing Session                                    

zoom writing group

Write with me


 Create a regular writing habit, unlock your creative potential and release the stories you need to write


Here’s what will receive:

* 1.5 hours of writing time

* a monthly theme and carefully curated writing prompts

*dedicated time to share your work and be inspired by others

*a safe and supportive group



The Community

Want to start writing but don’t know how?

You are not alone!

In the Write Your Journey Community we come together from all parts of the world to experience the joy of creative self-expression and the healing power of writing.

We write, we share, we connect and we lift each other up.


Receive my favorite writing prompts & a guided meditation for instant download.

Join the Writeyourjourney Online Writers Group Community

Can’t make any of these dates?

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Praise for the Online Writers Group

“Love how you conducted the session – structured, clear, digestible and the duration was just nice for all the portions coming together!

I’ll be looking to your site for more on your courses etc.

It was very personal in terms of what came up for me. Nothing too poetic, but truly visual with full resonance. It’s a very spiritual experience for me, this time round.

Thank you for all that you do, and for today. See you soon!”

—Ange, Singapore


“Kerstin provided a safe and welcoming environment to all those that attended. The course worked so well on the Zoom platform. It was amazing to connect with other writers from around the world and Kerstin facilitates this global group with warmth and integrity.

Kerstin’s meditations are thoughtful, her prompts are interesting and we all got the chance to write and share during the session.

Afterwards I felt inspired to ‘take up my pen’ so to speak and begin writing again. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer, this course will help you to reveal aspects of yourself that may be hidden or sleeping. Kerstin brought out the enthusiastic writer that is within me. I am so grateful.“

—Deborah Williams

“Kerstin is like the gate keeper holding the space, offering the key to open that which is within.

She offers quotes, and a singing bowl meditation, which help still the mind and turn the lock to the soul to that space where expression is seeking release. Like threads of wisdom spinning out to catch those gems of inspiration

On Write Your Journey Zoom calls, once a month, how wonderful to see and meet people from all over the world gathering while Kerstin holds that space. There are a few minutes of chat of settling in, then down to silence. Kerstin guides us through our breath helping us still the mind of those niggling voices that cast shadows of doubt, she then gives a quote and before you know it we are invited to pick up the pens and write.

Kerstin picks quotes that really spark that fire within, awakening the words, the child within to adventure trails of discovery.

She will give you three minutes to write about e.g. today I feel…. Then it’s on to another quote and another. Forty five minutes later, and lying there are lines of writing, that you have given birth to, have given voice to.
Among those are seeds ready to be nurtured, allowed to grow, both in terms of a poem, a story, a memory and in some instances the acceptance of self.

Kerstin opens the space to share, no pressure, but it is so lovely to hear others voices, others wisdom. And the great thing there is no one casting doubt on your words.

Write Your Journey is an invite that’s hard to turn down.”

—Eliza Homan, Dublin

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