Mindful Journaling

Discover the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness meditation & writing in this six-week e-course

Do you crave more joy, inner peace and connection?

Learn simple and effective tools to become present to yourself and others.

Happiness, focus & calm are skills that can be learned

Slow down and be present
for a better version of YOU!

We live in a noisy, busy world that can feel overwhelming, leaving us feeling frazzled and disconnected from our purpose.

Mindfulness is the simple practice of being present to what is, moment by moment, breath by breath, without judgment.

It’s a way to get off autopilot, to stop ruminating about the past or fretting about the future and to live life with more intention, clarity and joy.

Like any skill, you’ll get better at it with regular practice. This course is an opportunity to create healthy habits and to learn practical tools that you can use whenever life feels stressful or a struggle. All it takes is half an hour a day.

” The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it. ”

– Thich Nhat Hanh


The course is informed by neuroscience, psychology and the teachings of the Vietnamese Buddhist Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh

1. INTRODUCTION: set yourself up for a daily ritual & tune in with your intentions

2. BEGINNERS MIND: practice seeing things with fresh eyes

3. MINDFULNESS &MEDITATION: what exactly is it and how to practice it

4. DEEP LISTENING: befriend stillness, pay attention and learn to better communicate with yourself and others

5. SUFFERING & COMPASSION: have a dialogue with your wounds and find your inner wisdom

6. MINDFULNESS & CREATIVITY: connect with your  flow, stop being busy doing things and learn why it’s nourishing to simply be

7. ANGER: befriend and release this powerful emotion

8. VULNERABILITY: find strength in your vulnerability, celebrate your resilience and embrace your imperfections

9. SELF-COMPASSION: silence the inner critic and befriend your authentic self, with all of its flaws

10. GRATITUDE: practice this secret superpower to become happier & friendlier towards yourself and others

11. REFLECT & INTEGRATE: what have you learned, what has changed and what will you carry forward

What you will gain

◆ an introduction to meditation and to a wide range of guided meditations

◆ practical self-care tools you can use anytime, anywhere

◆ hopefully a new routine in what can become a life-long practice

◆ an introduction to simple and easily accessible mindfulness practices

◆ journaling techniques and stronger writing skills

◆ a deeper understanding of who you are, your values, your goals and your purpose in life

◆ a more honest relationship with yourself and others

Who will benefit

You don’t have to be a writer or a meditator to benefit from this course.

ANYBODY can benefit from mindful journaling. This is a life-long practice that has the potential to deeply transform how you relate to yourself and others.

Mindful journaling is helpful if you crave deeper connection with your true self, clarity about your values and goals and the ability to be compassionate towards yourself and others.

You may treat this practice as a daily ritual in self-care, a spiritual practice or simply as a tool to cultivate the calm, contemplative stillness needed to be in touch with who you really are.

WRITERS, regardless of whether you are a published author or an aspiring writer, you will gain a strengthened writing voice, a way to banish the fear of the blank page and deeper access to your creative potential.

This course is On Demand!.

Start on your own time, at your own pace…

COST: $225*

*all prices in AUD



◆ 2 emails per week for 6 weeks

◆  11 mini lessons informed by neuroscience, psychology and the teachings of Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh

◆ 12 original singing bowl meditations, 10 of which are guided by yours truly, all downloadable to your favourite device

◆ A beautiful e-book of the entire course, sent at the end of the course, to make sure you keep going


◆ the company of a private Facebook Group moderated by Kerstin Pilz, Phd

Want to try a sample lesson?

Praise for Mindful Journaling

“There are many e-courses out there but if you had to take only one, I would highly recommend you take this one. Kerstin has worked a lot to put it together, it is obvious. Not only has she poured her heart into it but she also used her experience as a scholar to build a solid and wonderfully well documented course. There are some significant events in life which, looking back, you recognize have helped put you on a new path. Mindful journaling was one of them for me.”

– Ben Pame, Canada

“I found the singing bowl meditations so beautiful and I really looked forward to them. I discovered I always had something to write even when at first I was unsure about the prompts. The pen just got busy and the timer went off before I realised. The prompts were soul searching but supportive. I found I believed in myself and enjoyed sharing my creative output with others; especially in a mutually supportive group. It was a joy to participate even when I had worked through some uncomfortable feelings. I want to start it all again! I feel I am a nicer person to myself and others because of prompts. The course has made me examine my hopes and dreams and I have revived some of my creative interests as a result.”

– Mary Marsland, UK

“I can’t thank Kerstin enough. Firstly for kick-starting my writing again with the 21 day course. Then for the Mindful Journaling experiences, which were confronting on many levels, but literally served to ‘break me open’. Doing this course has got me into the habit of daily writing & that is a joy. Also it gave me the courage to tell someone something I’d been wanting to for 5 years. I can tell Kerstin put her heart and soul into this. I’ve learnt so much about Buddhist philosophy and self care and ways to meditate.”

– Wendy Craig, NZ

“In this course Kerstin gives us a comprehensive, carefully-constructed guide to mindful meditation practice. But it’s much more than that. It’s a very interactive process. The writing prompts are thought-provoking and give a focus to each day’s meditation practice. I’d never made an inventory of the feelings in my heart before, for example! I enjoyed the solitary nature of the meditations and writing to each day’s prompt, combined with the option to share with others on the group’s private FB page, knowing that Kerstin was never far away with a guiding hand and an encouraging comment. I’d never tried singing bowl meditations before and, for me, they triggered some deep feelings and strong imagery, as well as bringing a sense of calm. The beautifully illustrated ebook to keep at the end of the course was an unexpected bonus. I’m so glad I signed up for this course. It’s shown me a whole new way of looking at the world.”

-Rachel Evans, UK

“As a beginner in meditation and lover of music, I felt drawn to the singing bowl meditation, which had the effect of immediately transporting me into a very relaxed and focused space within. I am in the process of writing my first novel and have been using the meditations for focused writing, and I don’t think I could have chosen more wisely. Whenever I feel stressed it de-stresses me and I get my writing done in a smooth and relaxed state of mind. In fact I have even started using it for my morning and for my afternoon writing sessions. After the course I have been catching up with the additional exercises that I didnt’ have time and each one has opened new ideas and thought processes in my mind. Together with the sunny weather this has been one of the best investments in a long time, on more that one level. What a wonderful experience, I can’t get enough. Thank you kindly!”

– Karin Mohler, Switzerland www.karinwantsanappletree.com

Write Your Journey - Kerstin Pilz

About Kerstin Pilz, Phd

I am a writer, 200 RYT yoga teacher, photographer and world traveller, currently living in Vietnam. I am also a former academic with 20 years university teaching and education management experience. I have developed and delivered university curricula and a wide range of online and off-line courses and teaching materials.

I may hold a fancy degree, but what I really feel called to teach are the tools that helped me navigate the dark abyss of grief and loss. Journaling, yoga and mindfulness meditation have been my anchor during times of emotional upheaval.

I believe in the healing power of writing and the importance of mindful stillness to access our deep intuitive wisdom. I also believe in making creativity our close ally, it’s what will help us see the light again.

Let me introduce you to NIGEL ROWLES,

the man behind the sound bowl meditations:

Nigel a professional musician with over 30 years experience teaching music, playing in bands and as a solo performer.

His first singing bowl massage was life changing. He had never felt so deeply relaxed within minutes of lying down. Four weeks later, he was on a plane to Kathmandu to begin his training with Himalayan masters and to explore how sound can be used to balance the body’s frequencies.

In Nepal he spent many hours hand selecting a set of eight tuned bowls and perfecting his personalised method of playing the bowls.

Find out more on Nigel’s website: www.feelintune.com

NIgel Rowles www.feelintune.com

Are you ready to slow down and pause?

Try mindful journaling and see if the habit sticks.

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