zoom writing workshops

Do you yearn to connect with a side of yourself that remains unexpressed?

Are you are feeling disconnected from your voice?

Is it time for a creativity boost?

Whether you are new to writing or a published author, whether you are writing for fun or writing to heal, my online writing courses will help you find your writing flow.

In my e-courses I share the tools that have helped me write a new narrative for myself after my life exploded. Writing allowed me to re-write my grief into a story of transformation and writing continues to transform my life every day.

I want to share this experience with you and help you discover the healing power of writing and the joy of creative self-expression.

Are you ready to explore, heal & grow?

Can’t make any of these events?

No worries, let’s catch up in a different way


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“I was only able to attend 2 of Kerstin’s workshops whilst in Hoi An, but I thoroughly enjoyed both. A great group of people led by Kerstin who structures the class in a smooth and informative manner. I would highly recommend the group to any budding writer – experienced or not.”

Bev Short, New Zealand


“Kerstin’s classes are warm, friendly and highly motivating. I’ve been attending them for the past year and the Friday morning sessions are something I look forward to every week. Lots of like minded and very supportive people. New people are always welcome so if you’re passing through Hoi An or here for a bit longer it would be great to see you at the class!”

Janie Lawson, London & Hoi An, www.glamhatters.com


“I wanted to say how inspired and grateful to Kerstin for her writing class. I am fortunate enough to be able to attend some of the writing workshops in person and the wonderful Master class discussions that we have in Hoi An. Kerstin has an unique way of creating a stress free atmosphere of confidence which builds I think the writer persona. I am always amazed at the depth of my writing when participating with Kerstin Pilz. I will see you in September for my next dose of inspiration.”

Karen Chun, Honolulu & Hoi An

“Kerstin’s group is well structured with lots of really helpful informative members attending every week. I’ve learned so much already in the few sessions I’ve attended. I made a return trip to Hoi An purely so I could return to the group and get myself closer to writing my book. Thanks Kerstin for the professional, informative learning environment you provide every week.”

Wendy Glassock, UK


“I joined Hoi An Writers Group Sessions led by Kerstin during 6 months and I highly recommend it -no matter your experience in writing! Kerstin knows how to guide people to access their deep emotions and put them on paper. She’s always very encouraging and genuinely wants to help participants. Joining a dynamic community of writers has been a key to pursuing my personal writing project and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Dr Florence Cotel, Paris & Brisbane