Singing Bowl Meditation

for writers & creatives

What is singing bowl meditation?

Singing bowls synchronise the brainwaves in the left and right hemispheres of our brain, making us literally feel in tune with ourselves. We become focused, connected and calm.

Both long-term and day-to-day stress can greatly impact upon our body’s energy flow, causing fatigue and even illness.

The sounds created by the singing bowls promote calm and relaxation, realigning our energy flow and re-tuning our body’s approach to stress.

Singing bowls can take us into the Theta range of brainwaves, which is akin to light sleep or a deep meditative state. It makes meditation really easy!


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Non-judgment quiets the internal dialogue, and this opens once again the doorway to creativity.

– Deepak Chopra

Five Benefits of Singing Bowl Meditation for Writers

Singing bowl meditations harmonise both hemispheres of the brain and help us enter a state of concentrated flow, beyond the distractions of our ongoing mental chatter and our inner critic.

Meditation trains the mind to become focused and spacious. Practiced over time, it has the capacity to rewire the brain.

Watching our thoughts come and go with curious, engaged awareness, mindfulness meditation teaches us to become present to what is, without judgement.

Meditation takes us out of our heads and into the body as we focus on the breath. When we make writing an embodied practice, we connect with a deeper, more authentic voice that speaks from our core and from our hearts.

Meditation trains us to sit with the agony that is part of the creative act. Watching the breath rise and fall, observing emotions and thoughts coming and going, learning to sit with discomfort, is good practice for any writer.

Mindfulness switches on divergent thinking and opens us up for new ideas and we see things in new ways.

Singing Bowl Meditations for WRITERS

Focus & Flow Download*

Attention is a limited resource. Meditation trains us to become focused and to deepen our concentration, as we anchor our attention to the breath.

Become aware of your patterns of distraction so that you can tap more easily into your creative flow and enter a state of focused, creative absorption.


1x 15-minute guided meditation

1x 15-minute unguided meditation, soundtrack-only version, so that you can concentrate on your own voice

1x PDF with writing prompts so that you can start writing today!

*Included in bundle

Write Your Journey | Image of Phone and Notebook | Meditation to Connect with your Inner Voice

Connect with your Voice Download*

Step into your creative potential and wake up what is deep inside you.

When we bring mind, body and soul into alignment, writing becomes an embodied practice.


1x 15-minute guided meditation

1x 15-minute unguided meditation, soundtrack-only version, so that you can concentrate on your own voice, not mine!

1x PDF with writing prompts so that you can start writing today!

*included in bundle



Write Your Journey | Singing Bowl Image | Deep Rest Meditation

Deep Rest Download*

Find STILLNESS & INNER CALM and come into alignment with a  nourishing guided body scan singing bowl meditation.


1x 30-minute guided meditation  to release physical and emotional tension and to calm your restless or worried mind at the end of a busy day or to help you go to sleep.

1x 20-minute guided meditation for a blissful power nap during your busy day or to unwind at the end of the day.

2x unguided singing bowl meditations (30 & 20 minutes)  for when you don’t want any verbal guidance.

*included in bundle

Write Your Journey | Singing Bowl in Stream Image | A short Meditation

Press Pause Download*

Step off auto-pilot and into presence.

We lead busy lives filled with long to-do lists, the distractions of social media and our constant mental chatter. Use this meditation for a blissful pause in your busy day.


1x 10-minute guided meditation: press pause whenever you need it during your busy day.

1x 20-minute guided meditation, when you can give yourself a longer pause or before you start your day.

2x unguided singing bowl meditations (10 & 20 minutes) for when you want to press pause without any verbal guidance from me.

*included in bundle 


Write Your Journey Writers & Yoga Retreat in Vietnam

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Close your eyes, breathe and relax.


“I’ve been using Nigel’s sound bowl recordings for meditation every day for many months now. I’ve found it the best form of meditation for very quickly entering a state of deep relaxation & calming those busy mind thoughts.”

Wendy Craig, New Zealand


“As a beginner in meditation and lover of music, I felt drawn to the sound bowl meditations, which had the effect of immediately transporting me into a very relaxed and focussed space within. I am in the process of writing my first novel and have been using the meditations for focussed writing, and I don’t think I could have chosen more wisely. Whenever I feel stressed it de-stresses me and I get my writing done in a smooth and relaxed state of mind. In fact I have even started using it for my morning and for my afternoon writing sessions. What a wonderful experience, I can’t get enough. Thank you kindly.”

Karin Mohler, Switzerland;

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