What my students say …

I attended 2 x 4 hours workshops held by Kerstin Pilz in February/March 2017 at Mission Arts in Mission Beach Queensland/Australia. The workshops were “Writing for the Internet” and “How to set up a Blog Website”. Kerstin kept us on the edge of our seat for the entire workshops. She totally captivated us with her brilliant teaching skills, her professionality and the wealth of information she provided. She shared with us tricks, shortcuts and lots of links to immensely useful and handy websites. I really enjoyed the hands on exercises which gave me confidence – even as I am not a “Writer” as such – to set up a website for my business and write my own blog. I highly recommend Kerstin’s workshops and retreats. Thank you Kerstin – just what I needed.

What can I say, Kerstin’s workshop was GREAT, the time and energy she put in was phenomenal and I couldn’t be more grateful for the day – THANK YOU! It was incredibly well prepared, professional, direct and taught with patience and compassion. The exercises were so much fun, and the engagement of everybody was really great! I really learned so much in such a short time, and feel as if Kerstin went above and beyond to pay attention to each student and their story, encouraging and prompting us to be brave with our words! I certainly learned a huge amount and it’s inspired me to just continue practicing what I I love – writing! Thank you for the kind attention and all the hard work you put in! Very excited for more!

Kerstin held two one day workshops on Writing for the Web and on Create your own Blog.  The fully subscribed workshops were highly informative and interactive.  The class learned how to write interesting  content and how to make your website stand out from the crowd. Kerstin has a very warm and engaging style. She related so well and connected with every member  of the class. Her resources and references have been really useful for us in developing our content.

I recently took part in a Creative Writing workshop with Kerstin in Hoi An and enjoyed it immensely. She talked about her journey into writing and proffered lots of valuable tips to assist us to embark on our own journey. I left inspired to become more disciplined and more consistent with my own writing so that somewhere down the track I may become an author. A published one would be even better! Watch this space!

Kerstin is a wonderful yoga teacher & creative writer. I love both her yoga classes & creative workshops because she has the gift of being a fantastic teacher. She explains everything very clearly & demonstrates her incredible wealth of knowledge & experience in an enjoyable way. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Kerstin is a very professional and engaging writing teacher. She encouraged me to write more often and explore new avenues, as well as acknowledging and improving my writing weaknesses. Her workshop has helped me to tighten up my technique and be more brave with my writing, encouraged by constructive feedback from Kerstin and other group members.

Kerstin’s workshops steer my writing to new and unexpected places. Her guidance, knowledge and passion for the craft have helped me learn to value my own voice and put those long-held stories down on paper.

The time spent with Kerstin leading the Hoi An Writers group has been inspiring. The writing prompts used in our weekly practice are a creative way of training my mind to focus, amazing thoughts and words appear on the paper! I would not have had the courage to begin this writing journey without the nurturing guidance from Kerstin, plus the support of the delightful fellow passengers on the journey!

A few months ago with self consciousness and some trepidation, I joined the HoiAn Writers Group, convened by Kerstin Pilz. Well, for our happy group its become a wonderful way to gently feel your way into finding your own voice. Kerstin provides prompts to take you out of your comfort zone and ultimately to surprise yourself at the “boldness” that emerges. Whether you know what your writing strengths are or just beginning, Kerstin’s professional and friendly approach will tease the best out of you.
I have also attended Kerstin’s “Journey to Self” workshop which combines Yin Yoga and personal journaling accompanied by beautiful Singing Bowls…..a truly uplifting and rewarding experience, especially for someone who is not a yoga aficionado!

After attending Kerstins creative writing course in Hoi An, i was hooked, the lessons were really well prepared and prompted me to release my creative writing ability and get excited about my potential as a writer. Kerstin starts with a short meditation practice to help one focus, and the lessons, structured but relaxed has me looking forward to Fridays class with enthusiasm. Kerstin’s long experience and ability as a teacher is obvious and i would highly recommend her online course to anybody, beginner or experienced alike, who wishes to tap into their creative side.

I simply love being around Kerstin with her calm and centred approach to life and her authentic connection and friendship with others. I attended her writing course as well as a session of yin yoga and in both of these ongoing sessions I was able to tap into my creativity with my writing as well as delve deep into my thoughts and dreams and express the unedited version of myself. I would highly recommend attending Kerstin’s various workshops to anyone who is open to tuning into themselves and seeking the truth of their lives. It was a liberating and transformative experience. Thank you for sharing yourself so boldly Kerstin.